How To: and Arch Linux

Hey everyone, I’ve figured out how to get working on Arch Linux today. Here’s what I did in case anyone else needs help:

First install pipelight:

user@computer:$ yaourt -S pipelight

Next, if you don’t already have it install firefox:

user@computer:$ sudo pacman -S firefox

Next, update and configure pipelight:

user@computer:$ sudo mkdir /root/.gnupg
user@computer:$ sudo pipelight-plugin --update

Next, enable the flash plugin:

user@computer:$ sudo pipelight-plugin --enable flash

Next, add the plugins to firefox:

user@computer:$ sudo pipelight-plugin --create-mozilla-plugins

Lastely, make sure you have hal installed:

user@computer:$ yaourt -S hal-flash-git
user@computer:$ yaourt -S hal-info

Once you’ve completed the steps above, completely kill of firefox (Super+Q), then restart and browse to, you should be able to watch it with no problems.