Running Graboid on Linux

Want to run Graboid on Linux, cool, here’s how you do it.  First you’ll need to install either wine  to run graboid.

user@computer:$ sudo pacman -S wine

Great, next we’ll need to install Graboid.  The good news is I’ve made it very easy for you, simply download my premade version containing everything you’ll need.

Download: Graboid for Linux

Next unpack the tgz file.

user@computer:$ tar xpf graboid.tgz

Under the Graboid directory you’ll notice two files, the first is the graboid.png file which you can copy to your shared icons directory (on Arch Linux this is /usr/share/pixmaps).  The second is a simple bash script which you can use to launch Graboid from the command line.  Feel free to modify this file until your heart’s content.  Also, if for some reason you can’t execute the graboid file, be sure to change the permissions of the file.

user@computer:$ chmod +x graboid

Lastely, run Graboid.

user@computer:$ ./graboid

I hope this helps you get up and running with Graboid on Linux.  Enjoy!