Windows 10 Tips And Tricks: Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 10 is chalked full of very helpful keyboard shortcuts, seemingly more so than any of its predecessors. The following is a list of keyboard shortcuts and combinations that can really help to accelerate your speed and use of applications and features.

Window Commands
Minimize All: Win + M
Toggle Desktop: Win + D
Peek Desktop: Win + ,
Maximize Window: Win + Up
Minimize Window: Win + Down
Pin Window Left: Win + Left
Pin Window Right: Win + Right
Next Window: Alt + Tab
Previous Window: Shift + Alt + Tab

System Commands
System Shutdown: Win + X, U, U
System Signout: Win + X, U, I
System Restart: Win + X, U, R
Lock System: Win + L
Control Panel: Win + X,  P
System Information: Win + Pause
Device Manager: Win + X, M
Task Manager: Ctrl + Shift + Esc
Run Dialog: Win + R
File Explorer: Win + E
Search: Win + S
Action Center: Win + A
Project: Win + P
System Settings: Win + I
Windows Ink: Win + W
Share: Win + H
Game Bar: Win + G
Feedback Hub: Win + F
Magnifier Zoom In: Win + +
Magnifier Zoom Out: Win + –
View All Windows: Win + Tab
OS Screenshot: Win + Print Screen

Taskbar Items
Items that have been pinned to the taskbar can be launched using:

Win + {position number}

Where {position number} is the numbered position from left to right.  For example, if you would like to launch the first application pinned to your task bar you would use the following command:

Win + 1