AlienAfter sitting down and truly contemplating the idea of extra-terrestrial aliens, and assuming a few possible truths I’ve come up with what I believe to be the only 2 possible scenarios for why aliens would be visiting Earth. First a few assumptions: Assuming that aliens have truly been visiting the Earth, that some sightings are real and assuming that there have been abductions, probing, experimentation, etc. Based on those assumptions I believe the following to be highly probable.

Scenario 1: The aliens are watching over us benevolently, waiting for us to grow-up and see potential in us.  Visiting us from time to time, checking our physiology, development and mental state as well as reactions to their presence.  In this scenario we can assume that when the time comes, we will be visited in a formal capacity and welcomed into a fold or congregation.  Possibilities for knowledge exchange, introductions to other beings and civilizations, etc.  This also brings up the possibility that they could be our genetic makers or forefathers.

Scenario 2: The aliens are checking their crop.  We are being watched, probed and tested to make sure we are a viable source for their use.  This would be somewhat similar to how we currently treat cows or other livestock.  Perhaps a large scale culling will happen after we reach a certain population and for what end I am not sure.  In this scenario, it is possible that we were placed here (spermangia), possibly genetically created or modified to survive in this environment or in fact that the entire ecology was by external design.  Inversely, it is also possible that we a natural resource created by the environment and the EBE’s located us by known or unknown means.

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