Good Versus EvilA thought occurred to me the other day.  I’ve spent so much time trying to figure out how to save the world.  How to stop companies from polluting the waters, damaging the skies and destroying the environment.  Perhaps I’ve overlooked something.  Perhaps, we are not the governance of this planet as I once thought we were, meant to care for this world and all of its inhabitants.  Perhaps our true nature is to murder this world.  If a lion hunts and kills because it is his nature, then perhaps our destruction of this world is ours.  Is this what we were created for?  Is this our purpose?  Perhaps those that want to save this world and care for all life on it are indeed the minority.

I find myself often times wishing I had the power of a God, how quickly I would heal everyone and everything around me, changing fear to comfort and sadness to joy, putting all life back into balance.  Then after seeing what humanity does to one another on a daily basis, I realize I might  just as quickly burn everyone to the ground.

2 thoughts on “Humanity

  1. Miguel Angel Villafuerte

    Jason, I found you searching on internet about to develop a PHP Daemon… But, taking a glance to your blog, I found something more interesting.

    I coincide absolutely with your ideas. For moments, I’m pesimistic about the humanity, sometimes someone release a spark of goodness, and I want to believe that we have salvation.

    We have been by 10,000 or maybe more as a civilzation, but in just few moment we been on peace. I think that the human being is running to the cliff as quick as speed of light. Syria, terrorist’s attacks, exploiting of everything (man and resources)… Are facts that discourage anyone. Jean Paul Sartre’s quote: ‘the man is a bridge between two nothings’. For moments I’ve thought that god is gone.

    My only hopeness is the childhood. I really wish that the next generation clean our madness.

  2. Trevor

    I find it sad, but true, that our nature is to slowly eradicate the world. I agree with you, though; I, too, wish for the world to be such a better place than it is now. I truly do wish to resolve the many problems the world faces, but as a 17-year-old boy, I currently cannot do much to fix it, and I doubt I will ever be able to do so. It is unrealistic to unite the world under one belief.
    It is unfortunate that many people simply go about their days, not giving a care in the world for the atrocities other humans and animals are causing at the very moment. It is unfortunate that many people live their days scheduled, not freely, and that we often take for granted the life and earth we’ve miraculously been given. Sadness and fear don’t have to be so overwhelming compared to joy, but we make it so. My hope is that all creatures on earth will be able to live in peace with one another, and for the emotion of happiness to overcome fear, sadness and anger. However, if the cogs of the world continue to turn ever more rapidly, I find it difficult for such visions to transpire into reality.


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